Protect Your Mobile Phone

Here are our Top Tips To Protect Your Mobile Phone

  • Insure your iPhone

This is our number one recommendation. Even if you are very careful with your phone, accidents happen or it may even get lost or stolen. Having phone insurance means you don’t have to worry about paying for a new phone, all the details are covered by the insurance company. You’ll have a brand new phone on your doorstep usually within 24 hours. Read some tips on choosing the right insurance for you.

  • Buy a Sturdy Phone Case

Phone cases can be very decorative and a fashion accessory in their own right. But if you really want to keep your iPhone safe and prevent against damage from knocks or being dropped, it’s a good idea to look past the aesthetics and buy yourself a protective case. A waterproof case is also a good idea. Have a look here for a variety of iPhone cases to keep your iPhone in pristine condition.

In the event that your iPhone does get damaged - a broken screen is the most common repair request - then the best option is to get it repaired by a professional who will have it good as new in no time. We recommend Square Repair for fast and quality repairs - browse their website to see all the different repair services they offer.

  • Data Protection

Our iPhone contains pretty much every single piece of personal data about ourselves - our name, address, date of birth, bank details, email….the list goes on. If someone else gets hold of your phone it’s absolutely vital that they are unable to access your personal data to avoid any fraud or identity theft. Read more about keeping your iPhone data secure.

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