Steps to take if you want to secure your laptop

Laptops and computers will probably be some of the most expensive electronic equipment that we own so we must take precautions to ensure that nothing is damaged, stolen or lost. If we don’t take these safety measures we risk losing data and the actual product. Check out our tips and see what you’re missing. Contact us.

Securely lock your device

We all know the put a password on your device protection, but have you ever thought about a physical lock? Physically locking your laptop may not be the prettiest thing you’ve seen, but it does work to prevent it from being stolen.

Almost every laptop on the market has been designed with a small lock slot to fit in specialised locks. Some of the best on the market include Lenovo Security Cable, Kensington Combination Ultra and the V7 security cable lock.

Download tracking software and fight against theft

If you have misplaced your laptop, or it was stolen you may think you will never have the opportunity to use it again and have to pay for an entirely new one. Well, think again. Tracking software’s such as the LoJack Absolute can be installed on your laptop and it uses various elements such as IP address, Wi-Fi and webcam to track the device down.

Many products as such as designed to be tamper-proof meaning nobody can modify the software so it products incorrect results, meaning you should always be able to find your laptop.

Protect your MacBook & receive 15% off

Ideally, we would like for our laptops and MacBook’s to stay scratch and dent free, however, due to the mobility of them they never do stay as pristine as they were when we first bought them. There are ways to help keep feeling new, such as purchasing cases and covers to protect them from damage.

With Wrappz, you have the option of putting your own unique spin on a MacBook case. Their easy design tool allows you to be as creative as you want to create a cover that looks pleasing, but protects well. Shop today to receive a unique code and get 15% off.