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Welcome to the ANNOUNCE page of The Computer Information Centre (CompInfo) for Trainers, Consultants and Service Providers.

This is the page to come to if you wish to widen the promotion of your Company and its Products and Services to the IS/IT community. Here are the ways you can use our pages to increase your presence on the Internet.

Basic Entry

As a Trainer, Consultant or other Service Provider, you are entitled (at no cost) to a directory entry on the CompInfo Service Provider page. This entry includes your Web URL address. If you do not have a Web site, find out how you can set up a very low-cost presence on the Internet.

Use the Form to submit your entry.

Enhanced Entry

With your Basic Entry, you will have presence on the CompInfo site and will be found by people who know your name. But, if there are 20 companies listed with the same types of products or services as yourself, there is not much chance of your company standing out from the crowd, especially if the enquirer has a target of looking at only (say) 5.

We, therefore, allow you to add up to 50 words of text and 6 keywords to your entry to encourage enquirers to look at your Web site. The charge for this is 360 USD (240 UKPDs) per annum, payable 30 days after your entry appears on our pages.

These 50 words and 6 keywords will appear on your entry in the Service Providers' section. The words may be changed up to two times in the year without additional charge. All these words will be available to anyone using our own Search and any of the other Search Engines that visit the CompInfo site.

You may also want to be linked into one or more Technology pages. Your URL and the 50 words and 6 keywords can be added to each page you choose at a cost of 360 USD (240 UKPDs) per annum per page, payable 30 days after your entry appears on our pages.

Check to which Technology pages you wish to be linked, and then use the Form to submit your entry.

Corporate Profile Page

Another way to increase your presence and the traffic going to your Web site is to set up a Corporate Profile page on our site. In this page you can include every keyword relevant to business that you can think, and every word is submitted to our own Search and to the Web Search Engines that visit this site. See an Example.

Use the Form to find out more about this facility.

Banner Heading

On our Technology pages, visited by enquirers who have a specific and qualified interest in the various topics, there is an opportunity to enhance your presence - on an exclusive basis - and draw more users to your Web site and your Products by placing a very prominent Promotional Statement on our Banner Headings.

Use the Form to find out more about the costs involved.

All entries in our Directories are at Editorial discretion.

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July 14, 2023