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This Form enables you to submit information for inclusion of a Basic Entry or an Enhanced Entry in our on-line Directory of Computer and Communication Trainers and Consultants, etc. and in our on-line IS/IT Technology Center. It also enables you to seek further information about an exclusive Banner Position and about a Corporate Profile page.

Please provide your Contact details:

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Please provide the following for inclusion (at no charge) under your Basic Entry


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There is no charge for the Basic Entry, but you may wish to enhance your presence and increase the traffic to your Web site with an Enhanced Entry, a Corporate Profile or a Banner Position. If not, move to the SUBMIT CONSULTANT'S INFORMATION button below

If you wish to enhance your Basic Entry by taking the Enhanced Entry option, you may submit 50 words of text for inclusion with your entry on the Consultants, etc. page for your country' page and on one or more of the IS/IT Technology Center pages. You may change these words up to twice in the course of a year.

Enter (up to) 50 words of descriptive text about your company and products.

You may also submit up to 6 keywords

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If you wish to have your 50 words of descriptive text and 6 keywords included in our Technical Center pages, please specify on which pages you want your entry to appear

The cost of each entry on each page is 360 USD (240 UK PDs) per annum, payable 30 days after your entry appears on our pages. Please complete the contact details above.


Check here if you want further information on a

Banner Position

Corporate Profile

If you only want further information on the Banner Position or Corporate Profile, and are not selecting either a Basic Entry or an Enhanced Entry, please complete the contact details above and then click on the SUBMIT CONSULTANT'S INFORMATION button below.


Confirm here whether you want the Basic Entry or the Enhanced Entry (which includes the Basic Entry)

If all your information has been entered correctly and you are agreeable to the Terms of Business, please click on the SUBMIT CONSULTANT'S INFORMATION button below.

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January 21, 2024


1. Charges. There is NO charge for OPTION A. For each of the other options, there is no charge for the first THIRTY days from the day on which we include your information on our Service. This gives you the chance to modify your information, or, frankly, to decide not to proceed for the time being. After thirty days, if you have not notified us of cancellation by E-mail or fax, we will issue an invoice by fax for our charges, and this is payable within 14 days of the invoice date. If payment is not made by the latter date, we reserve the right to withdraw from our Service any information you have provided and any related links to any Web site, E-Mail address, etc..

2. All rates are subject to change without notice. Local taxes are due wherever applicable.

3. Whilst we seek to avoid errors, we accept responsibility only for mistakes generated by ourselves in any pages created by ourselves for which a charge has been made to you and any liability is strictly limited to the sum of one month's fee paid for that copy based on our normal charge rates. We will seek to rectify errors within 24 hours of the receipt of notification to ourselves, provided we have all necessary information from you. No other liabilities are accepted.

4. You are solely responsible for the content of the information that is lodged on the Service on your behalf. By providing us with the information supplied on this transmission, you warrant that it is truthful and accurate, and that nothing supplied to us now or subsequently would be in breach of the law of any country in which Internet access is available now or in the future. You undertake not to place any information on the Service that may be defamatory. You agree to indemnify us and our associates against any actions whatsoever and any costs whatsoever that may arise from any such information placed on this Service.

5. By submission of data or information in relation to this document, you agree to accept the conditions and terms contained herein.

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