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Networks - Outline
Topic Outline - KnowledgeBases - Newsgroups and FAQs - Magazines and Ezines - White Papers - Organizations and User Groups - News - Events - Related Topics - Books - Key Manufacturers - Where to Buy - Key Solutions Providers - Where to get Help - Key Service Providers - Key Training Providers
Networks - Knowledge Bases
  • Advanced Network Technologies Division, NIST
    • This NIST division covers High Speed Networks, Internetworking Technologies, Mutimedia Networking and Wireless Networks
  • Asbjorn's Networking Page (Asbjorn Hojmark)
    • An extensive collection of links to networking resources, including Layer 1 and 2 Resources, Protocols and Routers, Applications, Management and Security
  • The Broadband Guide
    • Information about the Broadband industry, together with Buyers' Guides Cabling links on the World Wide Web (Fotec, inc.)
  • CDROM on a LAN - FAQ (Steven Kirby)
    • Dedicated to use of CDROM products in LAN environments and problems of networking various products. No limits on types of CDROM products (indexes, databases, encyclopedias, etc.) or type of LAN product (Banyan, Novell, etc.).
  • Cisco Support Forum (Proactive TEAM Solutions, L.L.C)
  • CNET ChannelOnline - Product Expert
    • Find products and product data
  • Computers, Networks, and Telecommunication (Ferris State University)
  • Dial-Up Networking Troubleshooting Reference (Lynn Larrow)
    • This is an attempt to document some common problems that you might have with your dial-up TCP/IP connection. Originally, this page was made to address using Trumpet Winsock and SLIP emulation software. The focus of this guide will now be on troubleshooting Dial-Up TCP/IP networking connections in general, which should apply to a wide range of dial-up TCP stacks, Windows 95 DUN (Dial Up Networking) and Windows NT RAS.
  • Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA)
    • Fibre Channel, a highly-reliable, gigabit interconnect technology allows concurrent communications among workstations, mainframes, servers, data storage systems, and other peripherals using SCSI and IP protocols. It provides interconnect systems for multiple topologies that can scale to a total system bandwidth on the order of a terabit per second. Fibre Channel delivers a new level of reliability and throughput. Switches, hubs, storage systems, storage devices, and adapters are among the products that are on the market today, providing the ability to implement a total system solution.
  • Glossary of Networking Terms (ACCdotCom)
  • Internetworking Software (DLR Standort Göttingen)
    • Freely contributed internetworking software
  • Internetworking Technology Overview (Cisco)
    • This paper covers LANs, WANs, Bridges, Routers, Network management, Ethernet, FDDI (Fiber Distributed Data Interface), Token Ring, Frame Relay, High-Speed Serial Interface (HSSI), Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), Point to Point Protocol (PPP), Switched Multimegabit Data Service (SMDS), Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Synchronous Data Link Control (SDLC)and Derivatives, X.25, Multiservice Access Technologies, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Switching, Data-Link Switching (DLSw), LAN Switching, Tag Switching, Mixed Media Bridging, Source-Route Bridging (SRB), Transparent Bridging, Apple Talk, DECnet, IBM Systems Network Architecture (SNA) Protocols, Internet Protocols (IP), NetWare Protocols, Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Protocols, Banyan VINES, Xerox Network Systems, Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP), IBM System Network Architecture (SNA) Routing, Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP), Internet Protocol (IP) Multicast, NetWare Link-Services Protocol (NLSP), Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Routing Protocol, Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), Resource-Reservation Protocol (RSVP), Routing Information Protocol (RIP), Simple Multicast Routing Protocol (SMRP), Quality of Service (QoS), Security Technologies, Directory-Enabled Networking, Networking Caching Technologies, IBM Network Management, Remote Monitoring (RMON), Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
  • ITtoolbox Portal for Networking ( Information Technology Toolbox, Inc.)
  • Lucent InterNetworking Systems: Resource Library (Lucent)
    • " Resource Guides should be considered reference guides that inform a specific audience (either CLEC, Enterprise, Carrier or ISP) on how to implement, design or migrate to a specific application or solution. Most of the documents listed are available in PDF format and require the Acrobat PDF Viewer from Adobe."
  • National Laboratory for Applied Network Research (NLANR)
    • The National Laboratory for Applied Network Research (NLANR) has as its primary goal to provide technical, engineering, and traffic analysis support of NSF High Performance Connections sites and HPNSP (high-performance network service providers) such as the NSF/MCI very high performance Backbone Network Service (vBNS).
  • Network Buyer's Guide - The Networking and Storage Industry Resource
    • The Network Buyer's Guide provides information on the computer storage and networking industry. It features a searchable database of products, links to vendor websites, a library of white papers, press releases, online product presentations, and more
  • Network Design and Research Center Links (June Cook)
    • A very useful collection of explanatory references
  • Network Packet Capture FAQ (Internet Security Systems, Inc.)
    • Unlike telephone circuits, computer networks are shared communication channels. It is simply too expensive to dedicate local loops to the switch (hub) for each pair of communicating computers. Sharing means that computers can receive information that was intended for other machines. To observe and appropriate the information going over the network is network packet capturing.
  • Network Professionals Resource Center
    • "The purpose of this site is to provide you with important resources to help you better deal with the ever changing arena of networking. We've provided a number of resources here to help you get answers to resolve problems, plan for the future, as well as help in your ongoing education and career development."
  • Network Reference Information (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC))
    • Covers Physical Layer (Cables, fibers, wireless), Network & Transport Layers ( ATM, Ethernet, Routing, SCI, Switches), Network Services (DNS, File systems (AFS & DCE & Netware etc.), Info retrieval tools, Management, Mail, Miscellaneous, Video, Voice, X), Security/Privacy/Decency/Freedom of Expression, Wide Area Networking (Dial-up, FTS-2000, ISPs, Telecommunications, Telecommunting), Network Information Servers
  • Networking-IBM Networking Resources
  • Networking Glossary (Allied Telesyn)
  • Networking pages (Asbjorn Hojmark)
    • Links covered include LAN, WAN management, protocols, bridging, routing, switching, security, caching , etc.
  • Networking Search Engine and Resource
    • The goals of the site are to unearth networking information, to disseminate networking knowledge and to determine who solved a given network problem first
  • Outsourcing Networks (InfoServer LLC)
    • "Focusing more and more on the ability to compete globally, companies of all sizes and in all industries are rapidly making use of networks. The phenomenon has evolved quickly from a demand for rapid exchange of information and seamless connectivity to actually doing business over a  network. Still, there are varied approaches to implementing networks and challenges yet to be overcome. Here, at the OutsourcingNetworks website, you will find articles about successful network implementation, along with articles to help your business understand the various issues associated with networks"
  • PC - Networking (An Online Service by Informatik der Technischen Universität München)
  • Protocols for WAN, LAN, ATM data communications and telecommunications
  • (
    • Networking Specific Search Engine
  • Technology Guides for Communications & Networking Professionals (
    • A selection of guides and briefings
  • Terms and definitions - Directory Services (PC Webopedia)
    • See this page for definition of these terms: Active Directory, directory service, DSML, LDAP, NDS
  • Terms and definitions - Network Protocols (PC Webopedia)
    • See this page for definition of these terms: bit stuffing, CMIP, collision detection, DLC, hub, IPX, Layer Two Forwarding, MPOA, NDIS, NRZI, protocol stack, Round Robin DNS, SAP, SDH, SMB, SNMP, SPX, SS7, xDSL
  • Terms and definitions - Network Topologies (PC Webopedia)
    • See this page for definition of these terms: bus network, collapsed backbone, EtherLoop, MAC Layer, mesh, ring network, star network, token bus network, token-ring network, topology
  • Terms and definitions - Networking Hardware (PC Webopedia)
    • See this page for definition of these terms: backbone, bridge, brouter, concentrator, DSLAM, FRAD, hub, JavaStation, jukebox, MAU, MTU, repeater, router, routing switch, switch, switching hub, terminator, transceiver, UTP
  • Terms and definitions - Networking Software (PC Webopedia)
    • See this page for definition of these terms: application sharing, Castanet, distributed database, DSOM, mailing list server, monitor, name server, NetBIOS, NetWare, NetWare Loadable Module, network operating system, ODI, PPTP, RAS, remote control software, VTAM
  • Terms and definitions - Networking Standards (PC Webopedia)
    • See this page for definition of these terms: Aloha, AppleTalk, ARCnet, ATM, CDDI, DCE, FDDI, HDLC, LMDS, LocalTalk, MPLS, OSI, SDLC, SDSL, SMDS, SNA, SONET, TOPS, X.25, X.400, X.500
  • Token Ring resources (Computerworld)
  • vBNS - very high performance Backbone Network Service
    • The vBNS is a nationwide network that supports high-performance, high-bandwidth research applications. Launched in 1995, the vBNS is the product of a five-year cooperative agreement between MCI and the National Science Foundation. The purpose of this site is to introduce the Internet community and the public in general to the vBNS. At this site you have access to vBNS network information and statistics, a schedule of events and activities, and detailed site configuration
  • Web ProForums (International Engineering Consortium)
    • Web ProForums are tutorials on the most current technologies in the communications and information industry. Each tutorial is objective, comprehensive, easy to understand, and designed to be completed in one hour.
  • WinSock Development Information (Bob Quinn)
    • "The information here can help you with your Windows Sockets (WinSock) application development. Any WinSock developer--novice or expert--will find something useful among the sample source code, detailed reference files, and web links. Most of this material comes out of the book Windows Sockets Network Programming, which provides a detailed introduction, and complete reference to WinSock versions 1.1 and 2.0."
  • The WWW Virtual Library: Networking
  • SEE also Related Topics
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Networks - Newsgroups and FAQs
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Networks - Magazines and Ezines
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Networks - White Papers
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Networks - Organizations and User Groups
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Networks - News
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Networks - Events
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Networks - Related Topics
802.11 Networks - ADSL - Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Switches - Bridges - Cables & Connectors - Cable Networks - Cell Relay - Data Communications - Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) - Ethernet - Fax Servers - F-DDI - Fiber Optic - Firewalls - Frame Relay - Gigabit Ethernet - Home Networks - ISDN - LAN Interface Cards - Local Area Network (LAN) - Modems - Networks - Network Management - Network Security - Novell Netware - Print Servers - Remote Access - Routers - Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) - Switches - TCP/IP - Token Ring Network - Virtual Private Network (VPN) - Wide Area Network (WAN) - Wireless LAN
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Networks - Books
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Networks - Key Manufacturers
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Networks - Key Solutions Providers
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Networks - Key Service Providers
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Networks - Key Training Providers
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