Smart Phone Insurance: How Will It Benefit You?

If you’ve just begun a new contract for a smartphone or upgraded your handset, the chances are high that your provider has tried to sell you phone insurance to cover damage, lost or theft. Although many people choose insurance through their phone provider company due to ease, it definitely isn’t the cheapest option. View alternative ways of protecting your phone.

Do you need mobile phone insurance?

Some people pay for insurance, but have never needed it and are now thinking ‘is phone insurance really beneficial to me?’ See: Is mobile phone insurance worth it? The Guardian

You should definitely consider phone insurance if:

  • You have a smartphone that is worth a lot of money
  • Long-term phone contract
  • You have a history of damaged, lost or broken phones
  • You cannot afford a new handset/downgrade if your current one was to break
  • You would need an instant replacement

What’s covered in the most basic policies?

All phone insurance policies will be different, but the most basic policies across companies will cover all of the same things, but mainly consist of cover if your phone is lost, reported stolen or broken. Always consult with your insurance provider about what is covered before making any payments. Click here for smartphone tips.

More expensive policies may also cover the following:

See how you can backup your phone’s data.

Where can I get phone insurance from?

There are hundreds of suppliers in the UK that provide advanced phone insurance, but if you’re looking for cost-effective and reliable insurance for your iPhone, we recommend Love It Cover It. Click here to see different policies.

Here’s why you should use one of their policies:

  • Been in the industry for 13 years
  • Unlimited claims and repairs
  • Loss is included as standard
  • Rated no.1 by Money Supermarket