B.A.T.M. (1992) LIMITED


B.A.T.M. Advance Technologies was established in 1986. The company develops and manufactures Data Communications equipment in areas described under Main Activities.

The company employs a highly skilled engineering force both for development as well as for technical support.

B.A.T.M. has grown rapidly since its establishment to become an important player in the Data Communications market.

B.A.T.M.'s high-quality development and manufacturing standards are compliant with ISO 9000 and conform to IEEE and the EN (EEC) regulations and produce equipment at an excellent cost/performance ratio.

B.A.T.M. develops and distributes 90% of its product line directly to international companies and through a network of international distributors.


B.A.T.M. specialises in research and development, manufacture and distribution of hardware and software Data Communications systems, especially for the LAN environment (Token Ring and Ethernet), Structured Wire Management, Sychronous and Asynchronus TDM's as well as many unique projects in the area of Data Communications.


Types of customers include communications companies, large end-user customers, distributors and installers in major European countries and South Africa. Such companies include IBM, Nokia-Data, N.A.T.O., Israel Aircraft Industry, Israel Defence Force, Motorola, the Bundespost, the Austrian National Bank, the German P.T.T. Telkom, the Israel P.T.T. BEZEQ and many of Europe's FORTUNE 1000 list.

Many of B.A.T.M.'s products are qualified by IBM.


B.A.T.M. product line includes:-

- SNMP MIB II Managed Ethernet/Token Ring/Structured Wiring Hubs

- AS/400, 3270 MUXes, STAR's and Converters

- TDM's for Asynchronous Protocol

- Full range of Structured Wiring UTP/STP/F.O. accessories

- Special Products for E1/T1 users.



B.A.T.M. has assembly facilities at its main headquarters near Tel Aviv, with R&D design and manufacturing facility on the Haifa area (North).


For Further Information, contact BATM Sales at the address below or by E-Mail

B.A.T.M. (UK) Ltd. 1 City Business Centre CHICHESTER West Sussex PO19 2DU Tel: (+44) 01243 539735 Fax; (+44) 01243 539835