Notrix Composer

Orchestrating Notes and Enterprise Data

Use Notrix Composer to move data between Lotus Notes and any data source with NO PROGRAMMING. With a simple Notrix Composer Form, you build powerful links to enterprise data, maps fields, select records, calculate new fields and determine job frequency. Notrix Composer lets you choose how you will access your data: via a direct connection, an industry-standard API (ODBC), or via several, popular middleware access gateways.

With Notrix Composer, you get a Notes-centric, server-based product that lets you do rapid, bi-directional data interchange between Lotus Notes and any enterprise database. Supplied as a multiple-user licence, Notrix Composer includes: a flat file driver for access to legacy data; direct links to databases such as DB2/2, Oracle7, Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server; ODBC access; interfaces to middleware access gateways such as IBMs DDCS/2, Information Builders EDA/SQL, and MDIs Database Gateway; and a Notes-to-Notes Transfer Facility for things like the easy archiving of Notes databases.

Notrix Composer consists of a set of program libraries and a Lotus Notes database that lets you call functions that interface with your enterprise data. The Lotus Notes database provided with Notrix Composer contains a server program that runs on the Lotus Notes server and fulfils requests for enterprise data. Requests are issued by clicking on one of the buttons on the supplied Lotus Notes Forms. Buttons are provided to Catalog Jobs, Schedule Jobs for later execution, and Run Jobs for immediate processing.


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