Notrix, a 4GL for Lotus Notes, lets you do complex manipulation of Lotus Notes data WITHOUT Lotus Notes API or 'C' programming. As a Lotus Notes database administrator or applications designer, you quickly develop applications that easily manipulate Lotus Notes database documents and their fields.

Within Lotus Notes, you compose a program document, store it in a Notes database, and schedule it to run automatically on the Lotus Notes server via the Lotus Notes Name and Address Book. The program accesses Lotus documents by searching views and manipulates fields by reading/writing documents in a Lotus Notes database. Notrix runs on the Lotus Notes server and uses the Lotus Notes front-end.

Notrix Features an Event Manager, an active information agent that provides real-time 'roll-up' and movement of Notes documents along with real-time update of activities within both Lotus Notes and related external sources (such as DB/2 database, for example).

Notrix implements REXX, IBM's powerful command processing language that possesses a rich set of built -in functions. Over four million users know of its advantages, which include readability, available source code, and easy source-level debugging. Notrix extends the REXX language to work within Lotus Notes, also adding 23 high level functions that make it simple to manipulate Lotus Notes databases.


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