Database design, all you need to know

We can advise on the design databases, based around Access or Paradox, that are fully featured and incorporate an easy to use graphical front end. We help to develop databases that already exist, and we integrate databases (both new and existent) into your IT infrastructure. We can also advise on the development of online databases using mySQL for full product catalogues on your site.

We can tie the database into your spreadsheet and word processing software so that you can perform calculations on the data, mass mail your clients - or just about anything else you can think of.

We can also import en mass the data you already have, no matter what its source or structure is. There will be no need for you to re input the data manually.

Running existing systems

Companies will also run your existing system and ours side by side for up to three months to make sure that the output from both is the same. If there are divergences, we will track down the cause and rectify it.

Database solutions are a superior product for many small and large business. Despite that, companie prices are often reasonable where they start from £400.00 plus VAT. Of course, this is not a definate number and will depend on the company you deal with.