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Wireless Computing - Outline
Topic Outline - KnowledgeBases - Newsgroups and FAQs - Magazines and Ezines - White Papers - Organizations and User Groups - News - Events - Related Topics - Books - Key Manufacturers - Where to Buy - Key Solutions Providers - Where to get Help - Key Service Providers - Key Training Providers
Wireless Computing - Knowledge Bases
  • AllNetDevices.com -- Nothing But Net Devices (internet.com)
    • "AllNetDevices (aND) is the complete source of news and information about handhelds, smart phones, set-top boxes and other devices that connect to the Internet." Coverage includes E-Mail Devices, Handhelds, Two-way Pagers, TV/Set-Top Boxes, Smart Phones, and Other Appliances
  • GSM Data Knowledge (Intel Corporation)
    • "GSM, which stands for Global System for Mobile Communications, is a digital cellular radio network operating in over 200 countries world-wide. It provides almost complete coverage in western Europe, and growing coverage in the Americas, Asia and elsewhere. Of special interest is the capability of the GSM network to be used for data computing. Most people think of voice calls when they think of cellular phones. But because GSM is digital, you can connect your GSM-enabled phone to your laptop computer and send or receive e-mail, faxes, browse the Internet, securely access your company's LAN/intranet, and use other digital data features including Short Messaging Service. Because it uses radio frequencies, GSM is a wireless platform, in contrast to technologies which require connecting one's laptop modem to a telephone outlet to use the land-based telephone network. This means users of GSM can be fully mobile, and do wireless data computing anywhere, without worrying about adapters, telephone jacks, cables, etc."
  • GSM Links (Hannu Valtanen Oy)
    • Includes links to GSM Specifications, Documentation, Frequencies, Codes and Terms, Security, Data, etc., as well as links to information on High Speed Circuit Switched Data (HSCSD), General Packet Radio Services (GPRS), Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution (EDGE), Universal Mobile Telephone Service (UMTS) and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)
  • GSM SMS - Links (Hannu Valtanen Oy)
  • GSM World - The Home of GSM on the Web (GSM Association )
  • The Intelligent Wireless Web software research (H. Peter Alesso & Craig F. Smith)
  • Internet Appliance Design (Embedded.com)
    • Products, links and resources
  • ITtoolbox Wireless
  • midletcentral.com - The World's First Wireless Java Cafe (Digital Mobilty Ltd )
    • "MIDlet stands for a Mobile Information Device Application. The latest breed of mobile phones uses a reduced version of Java called Java 2 Microedition. This version of Java has been specifically adapted for mobile information devices (MIDs), including as mobile phones under the MID Profile. "
  • Motorola - Wireless Resource Center
    • This Resource Center is your site for gathering information about wireless data modems.
  • Motorola Lexicus Division
  • Nokia WAP Developer Forum
    • "Forum Nokia is mainly targeted at third-parties that are developing applications and services for Nokia platforms including Nokia WAP phones, Nokia communicators and the Nokia Card Phone. Currently, especially WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) offers interesting opportunities for developers, operators etc. The aim of the service is to provide developers with the information that is needed in their development work. In addition, information on partner programs and marketing support programs for the developers can be found in Forum Nokia."
  • OFDM Forum
    • "OFDM, which stands for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing, is a cornerstone technology for the next generation of high-speed wireless data products and services for both corporate and consumer use."
  • SyncML
    • "In the Mobile Information Society you should be able to access your personal files, data and e-mail from the device at hand - anywhere at anytime. Not only should you be able to read the data, but also change it, and have changes updated on all your appliances. From your mobile device to the networked device, everything should be collected, processed and send on the fly without complications. As an example, e-mail read on your handheld computer should automatically be shown as a read e-mail on your desktop. Therefore, several world leaders in communication and computing have joined forces to make a new synchronization protocol that makes it possible to get ubiquitous access to updated information with any application. The result is the cross-industry initiative SyncML."
  • Terms and definitions - Wireless Computing (PC Webopedia)
    • See this page for definition of these terms: 3G, bluetooth, CDMA, CDPD, Fresnel Zone , GPRS, GSM, IMEI, LMDS, local-area wireless network (LAWN), PAN, PCS, Short Message Service, TDMA, UMTS, WAP, wireless modem, XHTML
  • the 3G Portal, Handpicked information about 3G and the mobile internet (3G Portal Limited)
  • Wireless Industry Links
    • Covers Equipment and Software Manufacturers, Industry Groups and Forums, Research and Development, and Service Providers
  • Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Forum Ltd.
    • "Digital wireless user agents such as mobile phones have become very popular in recent years. Technically speaking, mobile phones are no longer just phones; they are communication devices capable of running applications and communicating with other devices and applications over a wireless network. The Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) specifies two essential elements of wireless communication: an end-to-end application protocol and an application environment based on a browser. The application protocol is a layered communication protocol that is embedded in each WAP-enabled user agent. The network side includes a server component implementing the other end of the protocol that is capable of communicating with any WAP user agents." (Nokia)
  • Wireless Data Resources (Palo Pacific Technology)
    • This site provides extensive resources on Bluetooth, WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) and Wireless Networking
  • Wireless Industry Web Directories (Wireless Week)
  • Wireless Resources (NotePage, Inc.)
    • Includes information on Wireless, WAP, paging and SMS
  • Wireless Today Industry Links
  • The Wireless Village initiative
    • Founded by Ericsson, Motorola, and Nokia, Wireless Village, the Mobile Instant Messaging and Presence Services (IMPS) Initiative, was formed in April 2001 to define and promote a set of universal specifications for mobile instant messaging and presence services.
  • WirelessNet Resource Center (S. Prasad)
    • Covers WAP Resources, m-Commerce/ Services, Wireless Developer's Corner, Bluetooth, Wireless Security
  • WOW-COM's World of Wireless Communications (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association)
    • Covers all aspects of wirless technology, including technology and operations, law and public policy and consumer resources
  • www.80211-Planet.com
    • A portal for 802.11 information
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Wireless Computing - Newsgroups and FAQs
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Wireless Computing - Magazines and Ezines
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Wireless Computing - White Papers
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Wireless Computing - Organizations and User Groups
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Wireless Computing - News
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Wireless Computing - Events
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Wireless Computing - Related Topics
802.11 Networks - Bluetooth - Broadband Networks - Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) - Email Broadcast - Email-on-Demand - Fax Devices - Fax Broadcast - Fax-on-Demand - Internet Phone - Internet Telephony - Mobile Computing - Modems - Optical Networks - Speech Processing - Telecommunications - Telephony - Text-to-Speech - Unified Messaging - Video-conferencing - Voice Portal - Voice Recognition - VOIP - WAP - Windows CE - Wireless Computing
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Wireless Computing - Books
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Wireless Computing - Key Manufacturers
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Wireless Computing - Key Solutions Providers
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Wireless Computing - Key Service Providers
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Wireless Computing - Key Training Providers
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