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The first interactive online Virtual Exhibition has been announced by Virtual Exhibitions Ltd. This exhibition, VIRTEX 96, opened on the Web in October, 1996 and uses principles of Virtual Reality to enable Web users to easily navigate their way round stands using their Netscape Web browser.

The Computer Information Centre (CompInfo) is pleased to support this exhibition.

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Major exhibitors line up for virtual reality 'stands' in Internet Show

The first full scale IT Exhibition to be modelled entirely in Virtual Reality without a physical presence - Virtex96 - will open live on the Internet in October, 1996 and is sponsored by ElectronicTelegraph ( the Internet version of The Daily Telegraph.

Visitors from the U.K. and globally, will be able to visit this annual exhibition in Virtual Reality for 11 months at no charge, without leaving their office or home. Their 'flying carpet' will simply be their computer.

Companies already involved in this exciting initiative include many major names in the IT business like IBM, Cisco, Computer Associates, Lexmark, Superscape, Digital Pathways and NetFRAME. The five halls of the show will house Networking/Intranet, Internet/Desk Top 2000, Document Management/Groupware, Data Warehousing/Electronic Commerce and Security with stand prices averaging at least a tenth of the construction cost of a normal exhibition beginning at under £1000.

Visitors will attend in two revolutionary ways- in Cyberspace over the World Wide Web, or as part of a large targeted U.K. audience on CD-ROM (also with built-in direct links to the Internet). No need for cumbersome head sets or expensive computers to experience virtual reality - Virtex96 - will run on an Intel 486 machine with only 8M of RAM. Nearly all offices and a rapidly increasing number of homes already have the necessary equipment. The use of special data compression techniques will make on-line browsing of Virtex96 available to anyone with a 28.8 modem.

Virtex96 is also the first full scale VR IT Exhibition to offer exhibitors seamless links from their 'stands' directly to their World Wide Web pages on the Internet. It will, therefore, offer IT companies a new, powerful and cost effective means of marketing and selling their products both in the U.K. and internationally.

The Virtual World exhibition stands at Virtex96 will be equipped with any of the eye and ear-catching features associated with physical exhibitions, such as full colour facias and banners, sound, and presentations as well as interactive displays of VR modelled products.

Every visitor will be able to roam freely around this 300 stand exhibition and its five halls, moving visually, at eye level and at will down virtual aisles with virtual stands on either side. On each of the stands they will be able to interact with various products, access further information (held locally or on the WEB), view presentations and take away software demonstrations.

Virtual salespeople will be on hand to give information at the click of a mouse. But Virtex96 will also provide what is arguably the most significant feature of a traditional show, the ability to have specific queries answered directly by manufacturers. For those with E-mail connectivity more specific or detailed information will be provided by an E-mail question and answer link which will allow visitors the opportunity to approach companies direct with queries or problems (often one of the main reasons for visitors to attend a show).

For an ever increasing number of PC users with Internet connectivity Virtex96 provides an instant Internet link from stands to specific areas of exhibitors web pages, avoiding hours of on-line browsing. From the comfort of their work place or home, visitors can view exhibits and avoid travel costs and the customary hours of parking problems and queuing, let alone the inevitable time restrictions associated with a day out of the office. And they can go back as many times as they like, no more "How did I manage to miss that stand!"

Further information:

Steve Martin, Chief Executive, Virtual Exhibitions Ltd. (+44)1691 670 543

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