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What's NEWS in Information Technology!

Chip and Semi-Conductor Technology - July, 1997

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The Psion Series 5 - A New Generation of Handheld Computing Power
  • The most powerful, portable, practical and well-priced Palmtop Computer;
  • data-compatible with Office Suites from Microsoft, Lotus and Corel

Xicor Announces New Family of Microcontroller Support Chips - High-Integration Chips Reduce Board Space and Lower System Cost Includes Voltage Supervisor, Watchdog Timer, Reset Driver and EEPROM

ROSS Technology and Fujitsu in 64-Bit CPU Development Pact

RE Introduces New Audio Codec

Phoenix Ships Virtual Chips AGP Master Design Package

Phoenix Licenses Virtual Chips 66 MHz Synthesizable PCI Core to Intel Network Products Division

OPTi Sampling Audio Chip Bundling QSound Labs QXpander Technology - OPTi's New Audio Chip Incorporates QSound Lab's Stereo-to-3D Audio Technologies

National Semiconductor is First to Implement ACPI-Controller and Extender with New SuperI/O Device

Oak Technology Sets New Standard for 3D Realism with Breakthrough WARP 5TM Chip Architecture

Oak Technology Debuts TroikaTM, Integrated MPEG-2/Dolby Digital DVD Decoder for Consumer Electronics and PC Markets - Single-Chip DVD Decoder and Presentation Engine Delivers the Power of the DVD Revolution to Home and PC Entertainment

Intels Embedded Processor Modules Shorten Time-To-Market For Embedded Designers

EXAR Introduces First Four-Channel 64 Byte FIFO UART Family

DIGITAL Uses AMD-K6TM MMXTM Enhanced Processor In New VenturisTM Desktop PCs

ThreadX support for Advanced RISC Machines RISC microprocessor architecture

ARM Powers New Psion Series 5 Handheld Computer - Cirrus Logic's ARM-based CL-PS7110 mobile compute engine combines with Psion Software's EPOC32 platform to unleash revolutionary handheld computer performance

Psion Software launches EPOC32 - Mobile ROM-based platform premieres on Psion Series 5 handheld

ARM Introduces High-Performance, Embedded Software Modem Solutions

Fujitsu Develops a New Embedded SRAM Technology for Next Generation System LSIs

<A HREF="http://www.viewlogic.com/news/1997/May/compass.html">Compass 0.35 micron libraries available for Viewlogic ASIC Design tools

Fujitsu Introduces 16Mbit Flash Memory Chips Using 0.35 micron Technology - New MBM29LV160T/B is 55% smaller, lower power & available now

Fujitsu Develops MB90F243 16-bit Microcontroller with Built-in Flash Memory-Ideal for HDDs and DVDs

Cyrix Announces 150 MHz MediaGX(TM) Processor and 166 and 180MHz MediaGX(TM) Processors


Xicor Announces Industry's Fastest 32 Kbit EEPROM With SPI Interface

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