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EDI, Electronic Commerce, Smartcards - July, 1997

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The Psion Series 5 - A New Generation of Handheld Computing Power
  • The most powerful, portable, practical and well-priced Palmtop Computer;
  • data-compatible with Office Suites from Microsoft, Lotus and Corel

Gemplus Introduces GemX16, the new 16K SIM card - twice the amount of memory of the previous one


Banks, Brokerage, and Technology Companies Collaborate to Guide OFE

Alpha Microsystems Announces Pre-Release Availability Of AlphaCONNECT BusinessVue

3GI INTRODUCES REVOLUTIONARY SMART CARD SOFTWARE - 3GI's BSMART Development Software and APIs Streamline Multi-Application Smart Card Design and Management

VeriFone Introduces The First Remotely-Upgradeable Check Reader

Secure, Electronic Cash Wallets Now Available Through Alliance Forged by Digital Insight Inc. and CyberCash Inc.

TRUSTe, Formerly eTRUST, Launches Commercial Availability - Global Consumer Privacy Initiative Backed By Tandem Computers, Oracle, Lands' End, Excite, AT&T, Netscape, IBM, CyberCash, VeriSign, Wired Ventures, Coopers & Lybrand, KPMG, NCSA, MatchLogic and InterNex

Premenos Ships New Version of EC Software - Documents of Any Type Supported With New Mapping Feature

SYBASE, ICM ALLIANCE ANNOUNCED WITH UNVEILING OF WEB-ENABLED CUSTODY/CASH MANAGEMENT PLATFORM - New icm/hub Leverages Sybase Databases and Tools to Provide Flexibility in Data Access and Customer Support Options

V-ONE's SmartGate to Support SCM Microsystem's SwapSmart Smart Card Reader

ORACLES NCI AND SCHLUMBERGER TO PROVIDE SMART CARD TECHNOLOGY FOR NETWORK COMPUTERS - Smart Card Technology to Enable Mobile Computing and Information Access from Network Computers Anywhere

Motorola And VeriFone Announce Global Alliance To Promote Secure Electronic Payments Over Wireless Networks

Open Market Unveils SecureLink Commerce Objects in Transact 3.0 - Transact 3.0 creates new opportunities for the entire networked marketplace

NCR AND SENSAR IN DEAL TO MARKET IRIS RECOGNITION SYSTEM - Eyes, not PINs, will be the way to get cash, tickets and stocks from ATMs

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