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There are listed on this page Vendors of various tools and services to assist with Analysis, Conversion and Testing of software. We have also included links to other lists of Vendors.

The principle of Caveat Emptor ("let the buyer beware") must apply here. You must check the experience and credentials not only of the vendor, but also of the team that are to assist you. Check information through User Groups. You need to take up references with satisfied clients. You need to have a sound contract with the vendor (that is, sound in your favour). Your business or organisation is at risk if the vendor does not do a good job, or fails to complete by the end of the century.

Two good articles by Greg Cirillo of Galland, Kharasch & Garfinkle, P.C are Y2K Remediation Contracts: When Your Back is Against the Wall, You Do Not Need Leverage to Succeed and Negotiating Your Y2K Assessment / Remediation Contracts

Also take a look at What is your Development Maturity?, an article by Software Productivity Group on handling this type of major project.


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