Want a taste of old-world Internet? That is, killer content displayed with what seems like an almost studied disregard for visual aesthetics? How about a site that has both red and blue text links (with no apparent reasoning behind the difference in color)? Sort of whimsical.

The Computer Information Centre from Britain is the definitive directory of the business side of computing. For example, one of the enticements is a list of links to Up-to-date Industry News resources, which includes top-flight computing news sites, like ZD Net's Today's News. But CompInfo goes way beyond link sites. They offer a sort of linked table of contents to Individual's NewsPage, direct links to Merisel's hot product lists, and best of all, links directly to the news/press release pages of over 100 computing companies, arranged alphabetically. That's smart.

But news is just one small part of CompInfo. Other departments include links directly to the tech support pages of computer software and hardware companies, links to business opportunities, an international directory of VARs and resellers, and industry organizations and user groups.

Then there's the excellent Sources of Information section, containing literally gobs of useful information, such as links to resources on over 50 major technical topics, or the impressive business applications center, which is organized by what the products do in the workplace, with links to software company home or product pages.

We've only described the tip of the iceberg here. There must be thousands of links on this site, all organized in ways that help you find them. Who cares what CompInfo looks like. It's among the top 10 computing-specific Web sites we've ever seen.

Reviewed by Scot Finnie. 21st October 1996. Rated

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